The Newsletter

The monthly newsletter for the First Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

August 2016

From David's Desk

I want to thank Laura Purtle and Shelby Smith for organizing and running Vacation Bible School this year; I think the children had a good time and learned a lot about some of the good work that is done by our Synod through Living Waters for the World. Laura and Shelby then collaborated with Trey Alley and Shannon Helgren to put on the “Friends and Family” meal that included smoked chicken done right by Ricky Primm (a friend of many of the folks in our church family). If you missed that chicken, you really missed something. The thing about these folks and the people they recruited to help is they didn’t sit around imagining what could go wrong, they just did – and it happened. I really appreciate their work and their attitude because I’m too often a “glass is half empty” kind of person, and that doesn’t get anything done. I know that none of us can be positive all of the time, but there are just too many naysayers in the world, too many of the people who can’t see a way to do anything or make anything happen. God didn’t give us life and faith to hoard, both need to be used boldly so that things happen – that’s what Jesus expected from His disciples, and Christ promised our actions would be fruitful even if mistakes were made. Call me out when I’m being too negative, and I’ll do the same for you.

Yours in Christ,


Prebyterian Women

After careful consideration the PW has decided to have a yard sale in October rather than the Flea Market of the past; our booth rentals have fallen off over the last few years. We’re asking the congregation for donations of “good, clean items”, but no clothes. The sale will be on October 8; more info will be forthcoming.

The Birthday Outing will be on August 10 at McAllister’s at 11:30. The September Birthday Outing will be on the 14th at 11:30 at Olive Garden to celebrate Polly Boone’s and Doris Prince’s birthdays.

Prayer List

Please keep our sick and shut-ins in your prayers: Alice Campbell, Billie Galloway, Liz Jacobs, and Jean Webster.

Please keep Patricia Lindner in your prayers; Patricia is Eliot Mitchell’s niece who is undergoing chemotherapy at Vanderbilt and has been in NHC in Columbia.

Our Deepest Sympathies

Marnie Pewitt, June Williams’ sister, died on July 22 after a courageous struggle with cancer. On behalf of Marnie’s family, many thanks to the PW for their work making sure there was food and hospitality at the funeral home, and for your visits with Marnie.

Linda Gemmell also died of cancer. Linda served on Session and took on a leadership role when we built the Sunday School wing. Linda also died on July 22.


Laura Purtle was elected to the board of Camp NaCoMe at the July 23rd meeting of Presbytery!

Guess Who

July's "Guess Who?" - David

August's "Guess Who?"

  • My birthday is this month.
  • I am told that I am the most beautiful by granddaddy, and he gets the last word.
  • I listen to every word that comes from the pulpit.
  • I am getting into everything.
  • I have a bunch of people wrapped around my little finger.
  • Who did you think was going to be the August Guess Who this year?