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The monthly newsletter for the First Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

May 2016

From David's Desk

Let me share a paragraph from my sermon for May 1: “As we look to the future and the hope that lies there we need to remember that the faith we are given by Christ is supposed to fill this life, the present, with meaning and hope. Christ’s words to His disciples were a promise of fruitfulness as they followed His commandment to love one another and the world that God loved enough to send His Son to save. We too often assume that Christ just came to save those who confess the faith, and that when Jesus said earlier in this chapter that He was ‘the way, and the truth, and the life,’ that these we exclusive terms about only Christians being a part of God’s kingdom. We miss the ethical challenge of these words when we think of Christ as only ours – the way Jesus was, the love He showed, the folks He included, that way is to be our way. We’re called to believe and act on the truth that the love of the Creator for His creation is meant to guide our actions and our attitudes. And the life of God’s Son, its sacrifice and its rejection of the destructive ways of human interactions - that life is suppose to be our life.”

One of the guys who used to go to the “Liars Club” that met every morning at the Poplar House for coffee told me that he could worship God just as fully riding his horse on Sunday morning as he could going to church. Now, I believe a personal and private relationship with God is an important part of the faith (especially when I’m fishing), but there is an element of the faith that goes dormant when we only act on it alone – our calling to be a people of God. The vast majority of the things Jesus says in the Bible are in the plural – “you (all), our, and them” are the pronouns Christ uses because He is talking to folks who are called into a people of God. The closest we come to Christ’s intention is within the church, the family faith, or the body of Christ. Our importance to this body reflects our importance to God’s kingdom, and the importance we place in serving within this body reflects how important God’s kingdom is to us. Louisa Claire Allen will be baptized on the 15th; you are encouraged to join in welcoming this child of God into the family of faith...your family of faith.

Yours in Christ,


Prayer List

Please keep our shut-ins in your prayers: Alice Campbell, Billie Galloway, Liz Jacobs, Jim Victory, and Jean Webster.

PW News

We want to thank everyone for your support of the Bake Sale, your donations and purchases helped us raise more than $350 for the nursery program.

The Birthday Outing on May 11 will celebrate the birthdays of Sarah Harris, Ruby Heatley, and Marnie Pewitt; join in the celebration at Olive Garden at 11:30. Please note that our regular meeting is on the 23rd at 1pm; Doris Prince is the hostess.

The PW is organizing a matinee outing to Chaffin’s Barn Theater; if you are interested please let Sarah Harris know at (615) 418-9987. The Triennial Gathering of Synod of Living Water PW is June 8-11 at First Presbyterian Church in Franklin. There is a brochure on the bulletin board with information about workshops and a registration form.

Evangelism Committee

Evangelism is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. This gift of a never-ending relationship with God is available to everyone...but not everyone has heard this Good News...which is why evangelism is so important!

The Evangelism Committee discussed areas of growth at the April Session Meeting. The highlights from the meeting are included below:

  • “Taking Home Faith” inserts will be included in the worship bulletins. This is a great resource that includes mealtime prayers, daily scripture readings that correspond with lectionaries, as well as conversation starters that can be used in Sunday School. We hope you find them to be helpful!
  • Children's bulletins will be available each Sunday and will correspond with Children's Church lesson
  • Door Greeters will be utilized on a monthly rotation. If you are interested in joining this opportunity to serve, please let us know.
  • Postcards will be placed in the pews for anyone who would like to write a note to our shut-ins. Drop them in the offering plate and we will address and send to them. This is such a nice way to send our well wishes and share God's love to those members who are not able to worship with us.

Mission Committee

Can small acts of stewardship have any impact on the lives of our neighbors in developing countries who struggle for basic subsistence? According to the United Nations, 1.2 billion people in today’s world live on less than $1 a day.

We exceeded our stated goal for the Souper Bowl Offering in January of this year but fell short for One Great Hour of Sharing last month. In the future, our Four Cents A Meal Offerings will be collected on the same Sunday as our Fellowship Luncheon. The Session felt the symbolism of our plenty might prompt us to share even more with those in need. Please prayerfully consider giving as you have been blessed.

A Personal mission, Center of Hope – Anna Johnson has set a personal mission to collect diapers, wipes and baby shampoo for the Center of Hope. The center will also accept hygiene items for children and adults. There is a collection box in our library. Anna will deliver what is collected on a monthly basis.

Our Deepest Sympathies

Juanita Roberts died on April 4 after being admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Juanita, who was our oldest member, had been a faithful member of the PW and a VBS “Cookie Lady” for many years. Juanita used to live across from the church in the house where the Gary Auction offices are now. Please keep Juanita’s family in your prayers.

Guess Who

April's "Guess Who?" - Claudette Cayton

May's "Guess Who?"

  • My birthday is this month.
  • I am not a Yankee! Maryland was below the Mason-Dixon Line (Yeah, yeah but they don’t even know what collards are – D).
  • I not only knit, I can even work on making yarn with my daughter.
  • Even though David thought an Alpaca Grinder was a sandwich when he looked on the internet in order to get the spelling right, ours are not meant for carnivores (Don’t blame me you Google it, it’s right there – D).
  • I share a last name with many of the past members of this church; but, alas, no relation.