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The monthly newsletter for the First Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

January 2016

From David's Desk

As we enter another election year the language of religion is going to be front and center, and what we will find is that there is not agreement on what Christianity says about the issues that are facing us. This isn’t new, if you read the Bible you know that there has always been religious conflict because folks disagreed over what God wanted and expected from believers. Christ dealt with ambiguity in the language of theology by talking about His and our relationship with God in terms of Fatherhood. God is not an uninterested king or a cold judge. Christ is telling us that we know the rule and justice of God from within a loving parental relationship in which the Father wants His children to live in such a way that He knows their lives will have more meaning and purpose. Christ wants our theology to reflect, more than anything else, that the love of the Father is what lies at the basis of our faith and what we do in the name of the faith. Our theologies, no matter how high falutin' or simple and straightforward, are useless and nothing but gibberish if they do not begin and end with the astounding love of our Lord who was willing to sacrifice divinity in order to be known by us and in order that we understand we are known by God. Judge the religious language of 2016 by the love of Christ – is that love communicated and is that love what we are called to act upon as Christians and Americans?

I have returned to the “Guess Who” because Bible trivia was a little too esoteric.

Yours in Christ,


Prayer List

Please keep our sick and shut-ins in your prayers: Alice Campbell, Billie Galloway, Liz Jacobs, Juanita Roberts, Jim Victory, and Jean Webster. Also keep Marnie Pewitt, June William’s sister, in your prayers. Chris Hogan and his family need our constant prayers as well. Remember Ronnie Lankford in your prayers as he battles cancer.

Elder Ordination and Installation

On January 3 we will be ordaining and installing the people elected to serve as the class of 2018 on Session. Ken Beckman and Shannon Helgren will be ordained and installed, and Brenda Hogan will be installed since she has already been ordained. We want to thank these folks for taking on leadership roles in our church family. The Elders who are rotating off Session are Jim Crawford, Laura Purtle, and Jill Uhrine – we appreciate your service during some very interesting times in our church’s life.

Congragational Meeting

On January 17 there will be a congregational meeting to receive the proposed budget for 2016; congregational approval is necessary because of changes to the Pastor’s salary and benefits package. If you haven’t pledged yet please do so because the Session needs those figures to finalize the budget.

PW News

From Mission Impossible to Mission Accomplished – check out the Sunday School wing, the walls are painted, the carpet is down, and there is suddenly a lot more space in the closets. The PW is so excited, finally we have reached our goal; we have been talking about this for almost three years. So, with a lot of hard work and help from everyone – Job Completed!

The Birthday Outing will be on January 13 at Jonathan’s Restaurant at 11:30 in the Crossings. We are celebrating Margaret McCord’s birthday.

The PW Bible study will resume on January 25 at 1pm in the church; Doris Prince is leading the lesson in what has been a very interesting series. All women of the church are invited and encourage to join in the PW study. Sarah Harris will be this month’s hostess. Happy New Year!

Center of Hope

The Center of Hope, a shelter for domestic abuse victims, needs diapers (sizes 3 and 4), baby wipes, and baby shampoo/wash. If you are able to help bring your donations to the church library and they will be delivered to the Center.

Our Deepest Sympathies

Bill Ferguson died on December 30 from pneumonia; Bill was the husband of Gracie Ferguson and the son-in-law of the late Blythe and Annie Lou Overton. Please keep the Ferguson family in your prayers. Bill’s funeral is on Saturday, January 3 at 1pm in the Spring Hill Memorial chapel; visitation 1 hour prior to the service.

Guess Who

January's "Guess Who?"

  • My birthday is this month.
  • I am bookended by more vocal siblings.
  • I can stop David in mid-sentence with some unique and strange observations.
  • I think my hair color is inherited from a grandfather, but we’ll have to go to old photographic records because one is bald and the other is gray (It happens – D).
  • My name is Scottish, but not as Scottish as Dad’s.