The Newsletter

The monthly newsletter for the First Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

September 2015

From David's Desk

Most of you know that I have moved into what folks consider the next level of human existence – Grand parenthood. Louisa Claire Allen was born on August 24; a healthy 7lb 15oz and, 20 inches long; she is sure to be a well dressed and properly spoiled little girl.

It’s interesting to me how grandchildren affect people; I’ve seen tough old redneck men get all silly acting about a grandbaby and soft hearted women start placing hard and fast upfront limits on baby-sitting responsibilities. We all respond differently; we all expect different things and dread different things. I’m the world’s worst about expecting things to fail, but I’ve learned that nothing gets done by giving into that pessimism – I am trying to be more positive. I hope this church family will try to be positive thinking; it really is a healthier and more faithful way of living. When we find ourselves ready to write the church off, let’s remember that our resurrected Lord came back to a bunch of failed disciples and made them into the first Christians – a movement they had written off became the Church. Find ways to show Christ is still at work.

There are a couple of volunteer opportunities this month that I hope you will consider: the painting on Sept. 12 and the hosting the Art Walk on Sept. 19.

Yours in Christ,


Prayer List

Please keep our sick and shut-ins in your prayers: Billie Galloway, Liz Jacobs, Juanita Roberts, Jim Victory, and Jean Webster. Also keep Marnie Pewitt, June William’s sister, in your prayers. Chris Hogan and his family need our constant prayers as well. Remember Ronnie Lankford in your prayers as he battles cancer. Alan Phillips underwent bypass surgery; he’s home, but still needs your prayers.

Rally Day

The kick off of the new Christian Education year will be held on September 13 in the Fellowship Hall. The introduction of new classes will be followed by refreshments – a food donation sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board. Come join with us in looking ahead to the new year and resolve to take part in our Sunday School program.

PW News

The Birthday Outing is on Sept. 9; we will be going to Henpeck Market to celebrate Polly Boone’s and Doris Prince’s birthdays. Meet at the church by 11:00 to carpool.

The new Bible Study begins on Sept. 28 at our regular meeting; the study this year is called “Come to the Waters”, it explores the use water stories in the Bible. This is especially poignant since Living Waters for the World, a water purifying mission of our Synod, is based in Spring Hill.

Don’t forget the Flea Market on October 10; you can donate non-clothing items for the PW sale in the Fellowship Hall. If you would like to rent a booth get with Phyllis Anderson at 615-517-0623.

Guess Who

August's "Guess Who?" – Louisa Claire (Lucy) Allen

September's "Guess Who?"

  • My birthday is this month.
  • I came here from the West - West Tennessee that is.
  • Hearing is an issue, but I am a great listener.
  • I have become an avid football fan now that my grandson is showing some talent in the sport.
  • Doughnut holes (Need I say more? – D).