The Newsletter

The monthly newsletter for the First Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

June 2015

From David's Desk

I’m notoriously squeamish when talking about money and downright nauseated when attendance numbers are the subject, but here I am with both concerns. We suddenly find ourselves faced with a shortage; I say “suddenly” because last year we received more money than we ever have. This year began with losses because of death and membership transfers, and the trend has continued with folks moving from the area. Because we are a small congregation the loss of a few people has a greater impact, and we’re experiencing this. I want y’all to know that I believe this is a temporary setback not unlike some we’ve experienced before. There are some practical things we can do: one is to read Geoff’s article prayerfully, and think about our commitment to the church’s budget. The other thing is to reach out to folks who might be looking for a church home. We are trying things that families have told us they want like children’s church, and I think the PCUSA is attractive to folks looking for a smart and open church family. Do not despair, this is an opportunity for us to rethink our calling as Christ’s people, and a new context to act on our discipleship.

I want to pass along a concern: Angela Johnston will be moving back to England this month (she missed boiled meat and beans for breakfast); Angela has two beloved cats that will not be able to make the trip because of restrictions at the retirement community where she will be living. These are house cats that have been declawed. If you know of anyone who would like well-behaved feline companionship let us know.

Yours in Christ,


Prayer List

Please keep our sick and shut-ins in your prayers: Billie Galloway, Liz Jacobs, Juanita Roberts, Jim Victory, and Jean Webster. Also keep Marnie Pewitt, June William’s sister, in your prayers. Please keep Ruby Heatley in your prayers; she is recovering in NHC Hillview in Columbia. Remember Anne Allen in your prayers as she recovers from surgery. Chris Hogan and his family need our constant prayers as well.

Thank You

Carol Andrews’ funeral last month reminds us how important the church family’s support can be. John wants to thank everyone for your love and support over the years, especially in the difficult time surrounding Carol’s death and funeral. Special thanks to the ladies who brought food to the funeral home; it was a source of peace of mind and energy for their family.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School begins on the 22nd; we need your prayers and cookies. Please check with Laura Purtle or Shelby Smith if you are able to offer help. VBS will be followed by our Ice Cream Social on Sunday the 28th bring your favorite flavor of homemade or store-bought ice cream.

PW News

This month’s schedule begins with the Birthday Outing on the 10th at Jonathan’s Grille at 11:30; we will be celebrating Ruth Cantrell’s and June Williams’ birthdays. Our regular meeting will be on the 22nd at church. Many thanks to everyone who donated baked goods and purchased the items – the proceeds support our Children’s Church. We also want to thank you for donations made towards flooring in the Sunday School wing.

Guess Who

May's "Guess Who?" – Jerry Uhrine

June's "Guess Who?"

  • My birthday is this month.
  • I have returned!
  • I am an anchoring presence in the back of the sanctuary.
  • Police work and city work have given over to cattle and grandchildren.
  • I was on Session when David was first being considered as our minister (now you know who to blame – D).
  • I want it on the record that when we accord one another cordiality there is little discord.