The Newsletter

The monthly newsletter for the First Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

May 2015

From David's Desk

Technically we’re still in the season of Easter; I think this is important to remember in the face of our loss of two dear members, Carol Andrews (4/26) and Margarette Marsden (5/1). We need the hope of Easter to be a part of our lives when we consider how much these two ladies suffered and how they persevered despite the pain they were in and exhaustion they must have felt in their struggle. Easter reminds us that what we may consider a defeat from the pain we feel in loss, God can transform in the victory of life. We are will all face suffering and death, but Christ’s resurrection says these will not have the final word. Please read Chris Hogan’s letter on page 2, and remember that the resurrection is ours and hope is alive.

Yours in Christ,


Prayer List

Please keep our sick and shut-ins in your prayers: Billie Galloway, Liz Jacobs, Juanita Roberts, Jim Victory, and Jean Webster. Also keep Marnie Pewitt, June William’s sister, in your prayers.

PW News

Here are the PW’s upcoming events:

  • 5/10 – the PW Birthday Offering will be received during Worship; the funds go to programs serving women caught up in domestic violence.
  • 5/13 – the monthly Birthday Outing will be to Meo Mio’s Cajun restaurant at 11:30
  • 5/17 – the Bake Sale which supports our Children’s Church. Drop off your baked goods on Saturday the 16th from 1:00 until 3:00 so they can be priced for the sale.
  • There will be no meeting on the 25th.

Our Deepest Sympathies

On April 26 Carol Andrews died after come home from the hospital. Please keep John and their family in your prayers, they took good care of Carol. On May 1 Margarette Marsden died at Poplar Estates in Columbia. Mrs. Marsden died peacefully with family around her.

Vacation Bible School

We are currently working on plans for VBS (June 22-26). We are in need of volunteers to make this event successful. Please prayerfully consider volunteering time. You may contact Shelby or Laura with any questions.

A note from Chris Hogan

I must first pause to say I'm dreadfully sorry about not being more forthcoming about my current diagnosis. I realize that many of you are concerned. I just had a lot to process myself about this path the Lord has gifted me with before I was ready to share with others. For several months I sought answers from a number of physicians about my symptoms and have been recently diagnosed with ALS.

In my life I have been the recipient of many undeserved blessings; you, my church family being among the greatest. As a youngster I was nurtured by kind souls who didn't have to. Paul and Effie, Abner and Miss Gayle, and, the list goes on and on. The patience and time taken by all; in reflection now, is overwhelming to say the least. As a young man I watched my church family in the business of running the church and caring for each other as well as one would allow the other. I'm still very thankful for all who troubled to teach me. You all worked at teaching me patience and to be respectful of my church leaders as you prepared me to someday serve as well. My humbling time spent on Session and in a greater capacity of serving as your clerk prepared me to share, learn, and foremost love. I am truly blessed as God has gifted me abundantly.

Today, I'm extremely thankful for each and every one of you; your willingness to learn, give and love has comforted many in our midst and will provide a great testament to those who follow. I Love you all!

Great Love, Christopher

Guess Who

April's "Guess Who?" – Susan Campbell

May's "Guess Who?"

  • My birthday is this month.
  • I thought David would never get tired of casting (whiner – D).
  • My old Jeep had more ticks inside than the woods outside, but I keep my new truck in great shape.
  • I have no training in medicine but my business requires me to be a medic.
  • I am a connoisseur of all foods Chicagoan.
  • I love blond hair and blues (you’d better – D).
  • I have an interesting last name, but I am descended from Polish royalty (yeah right, a royal pain – D).