The Newsletter

The monthly newsletter for the First Presbyterian Church of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

March 2015

From David's Desk

Eric Johnson died in his sleep on February 6. Eric was a husband and father. Eric was a skilled concrete contractor who poured foundations and walls. And, Eric was a fishing buddy of mine, and a fellow lover of cigars. You all know that those three sentences cannot describe Eric; people are more complicated and deeper than a few short sentences – but sentences like that can open doors to how we remember and think about folks. We have control over how we describe people in our memories; and even though we know our descriptions don’t capture the essence of the person they do set a mood for our reflections. I think it requires grace on our part to remember someone in a way that they are honored and appreciated, and that shows that our sorrow hasn’t driven us to despair. We are informed by the grace we have known in Jesus Christ; our failures and disappointments do not define our worth to Christ because He sees us through the eyes of grace. That is a lesson we could all stand to learn, and a discipline we can apply to our thoughts of other people.

Yours in Christ,


Prayer List

Please keep our sick and shut-ins in your prayers: Billie Galloway, Liz Jacobs, Margarette Marsden, Juanita Roberts, Jim Victory, and Jean Webster.

Egg Hunt

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, March 28th at 12:00 noon. We're looking for candy donations (David likes Reeses) and other things to put in the eggs. Please help us spread the word and invite grandchildren, neighbors and friends. We'll also serve some snacks and have a few activities as a warm up to the big event. If you'd like to help, please contact Jill or Anna.

Our Deepest Sympathies

Remember Toni and Whitney Johnson in your prayers in the unexpected death of Eric, Toni’s husband and Whitney’s father. Eric was 63 years old.

Gina Campbell’s father, Walter Wilson, died on the 24th from pneumonia; Mr. Wilson was 87 years old. Please keep Gina and her entire family in your prayers.

PW News

The Presbyterian Women will meet on March 11 for our monthly Birthday Outing at the Grecian Pizzeria – we’ll meet at the restaurant at 11:30. On March 23 we will get together in Fellowship Hall for our regular monthly Bible study and fellowship. All women of the church are invited and encouraged to join with us.

Children's Church

We will be starting a Children’s Church program in March as soon as the curriculum is in place. Kylie Miller, the young lady who keeps the nursery and has taught at VBS, will be leading the program. As it stands now children between 4 and 12 years will go to the program after the Time For Children and can be gathered after Worship; when we have sacraments they will be retrieved during the Offering. This is a service for our youngest members that we hope will engage them and enrich them in the faith.

Guess Who

February's "Guess Who?" – Jill Uhrine

March's "Guess Who?"

  • My birthday is this month.
  • Not many of the newer members know me, but I am a long time member who was highly involved in several of the church’s programs, including PW and VBS.
  • I used to live across the street; auctions are planned in my old house now.
  • I’m one of several people who were born this month that you could say have two first names.
  • My first name is in a song made famous by Barney Fife (at least that was how it was made known to me – D).